Our Story

How it all started

All Saints Church was established in 1999 as a church plant of Christ Church (Moscow, ID), and has gained a reputation for our commitment to historical biblical based liturgy and loving community. Our first pastor, Dr. Gregg Strawbridge arrived in 2002, and served us faithfully for twenty years, fighting for the peace and purity of the church, while continuing to serve its community and support those in need.  As we have grown over the years from a small to medium sized church, our vision remained the same - to grow in love and reach out in love because we worship the loving God of the Bible - Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

Where we are now

We gather each Sunday to renew our relationship with God and one another through Biblically inspired historic Christian liturgy.  We meet in a historic building formerly known as Evangelical United Methodist Church in New Holland, PA.  This beautiful location adds to the richness of our liturgical history. We are grateful to have moved into this building in 2024 and blessed to call this place our home for worship.

Where we are headed

All Saints Church has a bright and hopeful future, especially when viewed  through the lens of our eschatology of victory. Though we mourn the passing of Dr. Strawbridge in 2022, we continue to grow as a congregation, united by our core values and commitment to the reformed faith and one another.

We have a new pastoral team, installed in 2023, with Rev. Kasey Horvath serving as the lead pastor and  Rev. Brandon Gilanyi serving as associate pastor.  We are excited to see how God will continue to work through us and use our church to spread the good news of His victory over sin and death.

Our Denomination

We are part of the Communion of Reformed Evangelical Churches.

Be a part of our story

 We welcome you to come and experience the love and warmth of our church community.
Sundays | 10:00 am
276 W Main St., New Holland, PA 17557