01 Preparing for the Royal King - Psalm 2

Dec 3, 2023    Kasey Horvath

Psalm 2 is considered a Royal Psalm, a psalm with eschatological and messianic meaning. In this sermon, Pastor Kasey explains how Psalm 2 teaches us the characteristics of the coming king through his anointing, sonship, and blessing. King Jesus is the fulfillment of the messianic expectation of Psalm 2. By grace, through faith, let us trust in the Royal King!

About this series:

Advent, a season of expectant waiting and preparation, anticipates the coming of Christ from three perspectives:

1. We prepare our hearts and minds for Christmas.

2. We, as Christians, prepare for the coming of Jesus as the eschaton.

3. We anticipate the reception of Christ as King in the hearts of those who believe in him.

Advent prepares us for the celebration of Christ's first coming at Christmas, while also making us ready for the seconding coming. It helps us to set apart Christ as King in our hearts.