12 Judges: The Apostasy of Gibeah

Nov 19, 2023    Kasey Horvath

In Judges 19 and 20, the haunting narrative of the apostasy in Gibeah unfolds. The absence of a central judge or savior in the last five chapters underscores the pervasive problem of sin and the urgent need for salvation. Taking place concurrently with Judges 2, these chapters vividly depict the depravity of Israel and the tribe of Benjamin, followed by the repentance of Israel, the impenitence of the tribe of Benjamin, and the discipline by Yahweh. As the chilling story unravels, it offers a poignant warning and crucial instruction for All Saints Church, and the broader Church. We are urged to cherish the law of God, actively call others to repentance, and recognize that in the presence of sin lies death, bondage, and misery. The timeless call to repent and place faith in Jesus resonates as a lifeline amid the tumult, offering hope and redemption in the face of spiritual darkness.