02 The Revelation of Christ to Simeon and Anna

Jan 14, 2024    Kasey Horvath

Pastor Kasey Horvath explores Luke 2:22-38, revealing Christ's salvation, light to the gentiles, and Israel's glory. Inspired by the revelation of Christ to Simeon and Anna, we are urged to encourage faith and repentance, actively sharing the good news of Jesus. It was a reminder of our responsibility to speak boldly about Christ, giving our testimony to tell others about the Lord.

About this series:

The word epiphany means "A revelatory manifestation of a divine being". On the feast day of Epiphany, we celebrate the manifestation of the divine nature of Jesus revealed to the Gentiles as represented by the Magi. While this account is significant in the biblical narrative it is not the only Epiphany of Jesus that is recorded. All throughout the New Testament there are instances in which the Holy Spirit reveals who Jesus is. Join us as we celebrate Epiphany season by exploring the revelation of Jesus’ divine nature!