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Sunday School

All Saints Church offers Sunday School for all ages on the 2nd and 4th Sundays each month at 10:00 am.

The current teen and adult class is Biblical Anthropology (Graham Dennis). Biblical Anthropology will explore the Biblical Doctrine of Man. We will consider key passages in the Bible (especially Genesis) that speak about human beings and their identity as special creations of God. In our time, it is this biblical account of man that is under assault. We will not only attempt to build up the positive doctrine of man, but also consider ways in which our secular humanist culture attempts to destroy that positive doctrine. Find recordings here.

Nursery - 2nd floor, yellow room (Sarah Martin)

Pre-K - KDG - 2nd floor, orange room (Jenny Graves)

1st Grade - 4th Grade - 2nd floor, green room (Megg Kanoff)

5th grade - 8th grade - 2nd floor, gray room (Herb Suereth)

9th grade - adult - Cowen Hall (Graham Dennis)

Previous Adult Classes (click for recordings)

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