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Parish Groups

As we grow into a larger body of covenant families, we desire to remain connected to each other and church leadership. One of the ways we accomplish this is by dividing the larger church up into smaller parishes, each overseen by an elder.

Occassionaly each parish will meet for a fellowship meal. Use this as a time to get to know someone in your parish you don't yet know as well! In case you're not sure in which parish you belong, contact the church administrative assistant. You can also view this list anytime by visiting Instant Church Directory and clicking on the groups tab. 

All Saints Parish Groups

  • CALVIN PARISH | Kevin Kanoff, elder
  • CRANMER PARISH | Duane Miller, elder
  • LUTHER PARISH | Ty Fischer (sabbatical)/Gregg Strawbridge, elder
  • TYNDALE PARISH | Graham Dennis, elder
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