Event Submission Request - All Saints Church

As we consider the types of events that typically make their way onto our church calendar,  there are two categories – Teaching and Social.

  • SOCIAL EVENT: Community centered in nature (showers, special meals, parties)
  • TEACHING EVENT: Didactic in nature (bible Studies, Psalm sings, book studies/clubs)

If you would like to announce or schedule an event or activity, please submit a request to the Session of All Saints Church by completing this form. Any event added to the church calendar (and announced on official All Saints Church platforms) will be done at the discretion of the Session. Please allow 2-4 weeks for a response to this form due to session meeting scheduling.

Streamlining how our events are planned and carried out will help us to better shepherd you and your family, as well as solve the problem of a cluttered calendar. Ultimately, our goal is to have a concise schedule that is slated with official All Saints Church events. We welcome and encourage the organization of unofficial, organic, and grass root activities.