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Saturday, 9:00 am

  • Session 1: Christianity and the Origins of Modern Science
  • Session 2: Christianity and the Limitations of Modern Science

Sunday, 10:00 AM Sunday School

  • Encouragement for Mothers

Sunday, 11:00 am Sermon

  • A Church That Will Conquer the World Joshua 1


Featuring Dr. Steven Jeffery

Steve Jeffery moved to All Saints Presbyterian Church in Fort Worth in December 2020, having previously served as Minister at Emmanuel Church in London, England, from its founding in 2009. He co-authored Pierced for Our Transgressions (2007), a defense of the doctrine of penal substitutionary atonement, and The Cross (2012), an introduction to the message of the cross. He has a doctorate in physics from Oxford University, has lectured and debated in a variety of settings including universities and conferences in the UK, Europe, and America, and has appeared on the UK's Premier Christian Radio and BBC Radio 4. Steve is married to Nicole, and they have three teenage children – Ben, Becki, and Abi. In his spare time you’ll find Steve listening to jazz, playing chess, drinking coffee (in the morning), sipping scotch whisky (in the evening), or making tables.


What is the Winter Conference?
All Saints holds a mini-conference every year where we bring in a guest speaker (often another pastor in the CREC denomination) to speak on a specific topic.  This year the theme is "Christianity and Science."   
Is there childcare on Saturday morning?
Yes!  We are excited to be able to offer childcare for toddlers/preschoolers (upstairs in the yellow nursery room). There should be no unaccompanied minors roaming church or church grounds during the conference.
Is there continental breakfast Saturday morning?
Yes!  But please sign up so that we can have enough food. 
Who is this conference for?
Can I invite others?
Of course!  Just please direct them to our website to sign up: or share the printable flyer (PDF) below.


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