Returning to Old Paths seeks to identify and understand what is gained and what is lost when new forms and practices are implemented. The scope of this topic can zoom in on a discipline such as education and the introduction of personal computers in classrooms, but also zoom out to broader subjects like manufacturing and the introduction of automation.   Returning to Old Paths is not primarily concerned with electronic technology, but expands across a broad scope of sectors like Pharmaceutical Drugs, Food Sourcing, Higher Education, and Health.  Concerning Christianity, Returning to Old Paths is used to identify and understand what is gained and what is lost when a new form is introduced into the life of the Church.  Join us for this thought provoking Winter Conference!

March 1-3, 2024 | New Holland, PA

Join us for this three day event featuring guest speaker,  Pastor Garrett Soucy, as well as leadership from All Saints Church - Rev. Kasey Horvath (pastor) and Mr. Graham Dennis (elder). 


7:00 PM - Session 1
Return to Old Paths
Garrett Soucy


9:00AM - Coffee
10:00 AM - Session 2
The Old Paths of Literature and the Communication of Ideas
Graham Dennis                            
11:00 AM - Session 3
The Old Paths of Worship
Kasey Horvath
Lunch (on your own)          
Q&A with Garrett Soucy, Graham Dennis, Kasey Horvath                  
4:00 pm - Session 4
The Old Paths of Christian Community
Garrett Soucy          


10:00 AM - Session 5
The Return to Old Paths in Review
Garrett Soucy


Garrett Soucy is a pastor in rural Maine where he lives with his wife, Siiri, and their 11 children. He planted Christ the King Church (CREC) 12 years ago. He was born and raised in Maine. He is also a writer and musician.

Presented as part of the 25th Anniversasry Celebration of All Saints Church.