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About All Saints Church

We are grateful to the Lord that you are interested in visiting with us! In this letter, we want to give you a little background on what to expect if you come. Ask around if you have any more questions! Our Pastor’s name is Gregg and we have many other leaders here to serve you (several of our elders Ty, George, Graham, and Duane will be helping with Communion). Other gifted members will help you worship (our organist is Rebecca, youth orchestra includes a few instrumentalists).

What are we all about? All Saints was founded in 1999. Our vision is to grow in love and to reach out in love because we worship the loving God of the Bible - Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. We gather to renew our relationship with Him and one another in the Biblical pattern of historic Christian liturgy. In this we affirm God's promises to us and our children and are commissioned to live Christ-centered lives in the world.

What about our worship? (More about our worship service) All Saints values recovering the beautiful and Biblical practices of ancient worship. We want to connect with our rich legacy of the past. But this is not mere tradition. These are the central actions in our service: Call to Worship, Confession of Sin, Consideration of Scripture, Communion at the Table, and a Commission to Serve. This pattern follows the most ancient worship pattern in the Bible (Lev. 9:22) including a Sin Offering (like our Confession), a Whole-Burnt Offering/Ascension Offering (when we focus on how to become more pleasing “living sacrifices”), and a Peace Offering (which is Communion when they ate a sacrificial meal). All ancient Church worship was grounded on this basic pattern. So in our service, we use music and wording (in the responses/readings) that convey these actions and which are drawn from Scripture and our fathers in the faith. That’s why our music is so old, but so rich in the Word.

What about the Pastor’s Robe? Our minister is robed in a traditional fashion as a uniform to show his office and purpose in the service. Our pulpit, lectern, Table, etc. change colors with the historic Church Calendar. We reference the traditional Church Year seasons of Advent, Christmas, Epiphany, Lent, Easter, and Pentecost. These focus our reading and reflection in the service on the whole counsel of God’s Word in the life of Christ.

What about our children? We believe that baptism and communion are for households, just as was the case in the Old Testament (children were included in circumcision, passover, sacrificial meals, etc.). That's why of the nine individuals who are identified to have been baptized in the New Testament, five also have their households baptized. These are also the oldest practices on the sacraments in the Church.

What about our congregation? All Saints was planted by Christ Church, of Moscow, Idaho in 1999. Dr. Gregg Strawbridge, was called as the first minister in November of 2001. We are part of the Communion of Reformed Evangelical Churches. The “CREC” began in 1998 with three independent evangelical churches desiring to come together for service, fellowship and accountability which now has grown to about 100 churches world-wide, such as in Canada, Japan, Poland, Bulgaria, Russia, Ukraine, and Hungary.

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